Pond-water reflecting sparkling sunlight,
Brightly, interrupted by gossamer
Wing-threads and cobalt needle-bodies,
Perched on six legs with compound eyes,
Tracing complex hover-patterns on
Cushions of buzzing air and flits
Just above the water-line where floats
Green saucer-disks with creamy white and
Mild yellow, deep-centered fracture-petals
Than open with a twist to the sun.
Hover-patterns untwist and buzzing fades
As wingbeats slow and legs clasp:
Needle-body settles and cobalt glints in
Pond-water reflected sparkling sunlight


About Peter Bates

I'm a young guy in Cape Town, studying English and History, and teaching at high school level. I love to write and to work in theatre, both on and behind the stage. View all posts by Peter Bates

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