Self promotion, good or bad?

Recently a lot has been said about self-promotion. I think that this is an issue that definitely affects the YouTube South Africa – people post to the Facebook group not with the view of participating in the community, but rather with the view of getting their material out there as much as possible.

Several posts in the past few days have been asking or even pleading for subscribers or likes on their content. While I totally support posting updates and info on what you are doing, I think it is extremely important to strike a balance. A group with only advertisements and brags will end quite badly – if people aren’t watching your videos, shoving it down their throats won’t help. If anything, it will just drive them further away.

I think it is vital for the health of the community to watch and subscribe and comment on as many posts as possible. That kind of engagement will keep the YouTube SA community healthy, and ultimately that’s what this is all about. Not shameless self-promotion (well maybe a bit of it, yes, but don’t go overboard), but rather a healthy, intelligent interactive discussion about the content that South African YouTubers are creating.

As a new content creator, I understand that the feedback you get from people watching your videos and commenting is very encouraging and motivating, and in many cases supplies you with very important feedback as to what your audience wants to see. But just engaging on the Facebook page with the sole intent to advertise your own channel? I think there is definitely something that needs changing there.

We should all be making an effort to build up the community by engaging each other, not just plugging our own work.


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I'm a young guy in Cape Town, studying English and History, and teaching at high school level. I love to write and to work in theatre, both on and behind the stage. View all posts by Peter Bates

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